So you have gone to (or are departing soon for) the Land of the Rising Sun, then I may be interested in publishing your trip report on Fallfish Tenkara. Here is what I am looking for.

  • Even if your trip was not purely a tenkara trip that does not mean you cannot submit an article.
  • There are many tourist traps in Japan – they are tourist traps for a reason, because they embody Japan and are culturally significant. However, there is already plenty of content on the web and already on this site about those places. I am looking to publish unique content to Fallfish Tenkara about seldom visited or out of the way places.
  • I prefer articles about the wild places of Japan and the activities that take place there – bike trips, long distance thru hikes, ski traverses, remote tenkara expeditions, alpine first ascents, etc….
  • I am also interested in Japanese craftsmanship articles e.g. lacquer, wood, metal, alcohol, etc…
  • Payment is $10.00 per 1000 words with a minimum word count of 2000 & $20.00 payment. The maximum pay out is $50.00 no matter how many words over 5,000 you write (the longer the article the more likely I am to accept).
  • Payment will be submitted via PayPal only.
  • Please be advised that I may ask for edits, clarifications, or adding content. Even my most simple posts required significant work, I expect the same from my guest bloggers.
  • A minimum of ten (10) full resolution photos must be submitted in conjunction with the article.
  • Payment will be made within one (1) week (7 days) of your article being published.
  • Please submit your article in Word format only with full resolution photos separately (not embedded in the Word document).
  • If possible please submit up to three (3) samples of your writing/photography.
  • All guest blog posts will include an embedded link (of your choosing) and at least one (1) Facebook, (1) Twitter, and (1) Google Plus social media promotion.

Please contact me using the contact form below to begin the process of submitting your trip report for publication to Fallfish Tenkara.

I have a wide and diverse background in online outdoor content creation – hence the in-depth clarification of what I am looking for. I find it is best to be thorough and honest up front with my expectations rather than later on in the process.

I look forward to receiving your initial inquiry.